Star Command

Star Command

Calling all starship captain wannabes – your bridge awaits in Star Command! This immersive sci-fi recreation allows you to absolutely customise and command your individual area vessel, recruit alien crew, discover the galaxy, and battle enemy civilizations. With deep technique and endlessly thrilling missions, Star Command delivers the last word star trek simulation.


Probably the most partaking components of Star Command is designing your individual distinctive starship. Choose from 4 distinct hull frames to begin. Customise colours, bridge layouts, room placements and extra to your liking. Tailor your ship’s focus by including science labs, tactical weapons, defend turbines, crew quarters and specialised chambers. With so many choices, you possibly can create your ultimate vessel to roam the celebs. Let your creativity run wild!


What’s a captain with no trusty crew? Recruit from over 10 alien species, every with distinctive appears to be like and skills. Degree up your crew by missions to be taught new expertise. Promote them to particular ship roles like Engineer, Science Officer, Gunner and Medic to maintain your starship working easily. Rigorously handle crew positions and coordinate their skills for fulfillment. Your ragtag alien crew will begin feeling like household!


Journey by a complete galaxy brimming with mysteries and perils unknown. Discover unique planets and area anomalies for helpful assets and clues. Uncover unusual alien species – some pleasant, some…not a lot. Take care of random crises that come up in your ship. Commerce items at area stations to improve your methods. The wide-ranging adventures and emergent storytelling will propel you thru “only one extra mission.”


When conflicts inevitably happen, the tactical 3D ship-to-ship battles require lightning reflexes. Maneuver your starship into optimum assault positions whereas volleying lasers and missiles. Flank enemy ships to focus on weak factors as you handle energy distribution. When boarded, place your crew in strategic positions to repel invaders deck-by-deck. The white-knuckle real-time fight will put your captain expertise to the take a look at!


Your choices maintain actual weight in Star Command. Will you focus efforts on science discoveries or navy may? Do you have to destroy that asteroid or mine it for assets? How will you resolve an upstart alien faction – peace or overwhelming power? Consider carefully as selections have an effect on your legacy. Even crew promotions warrant consideration to steadiness expertise. Captaining your starship requires smarts.


Star Command’s retro pixel artwork type is a visible delight, harking back to traditional sci-fi reveals. The lovingly detailed sprites and animations give all the pieces persona, from hilarious alien crew to huge battlestations. Paired with catchy chip tunes, the presentation immerses you in a classy sci-fi environment. Warp pace forward!

For armchair captains with stars of their eyes, Star Command fulfills all of your starfleet goals. Take the helm and boldly go in search of journey throughout the cosmos!

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