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Neo Monsters


Hidenori Kusaka is the creator of the Pokemon manga sequence, which has turn out to be a worldwide phenomenon. Following that, numerous publishers launched Pokemon-themed video video games, resembling Neo Monsters, primarily based on the ideas given within the anime and manga.


Neo Monsters occasions happen on a large planet that hasn’t existed in centuries. The Verosia Empire was rebuilt from a number of unbiased archipelagos after being destroyed by the First One’s giants. The Descendants of the Heroes defeated the giants by assembling the mightiest troopers on the islands and inventing and utilizing monsters with extraordinary expertise. The younger Prince and his widowed mom took over the dominion of Verosia after the king died.

Verosians will establish you as Hector Finnegan, a well known animal coach within the space. Tens of spectators go to Othlon’s capital on daily basis to observe him compete within the Monster League. The royal household, as anticipated, discovered of Hector’s fame and invited him to the palace to satisfy the Prince. On the day Hector arrived on the palace. Nonetheless, a horrific crime had already been dedicated: the Prince and his mom had been cruelly slain. And the court docket determined that poor Finnegan was the one in opposition to whom that they had the best proof. Put your animal-training expertise to work, embark on an expedition throughout the dominion trying to find an answer, and examine what’s taking place.


While you initially be a part of Neo Monsters, you can be proven a big map of the entire world, full with all its traits. You have been charged with studying extra about six extra planets. Consequently, you’ll have many potentialities for analyzing numerous points. Every world’s monsters will compete of their tournaments, distinct from each other. Interact the creatures and start preventing the adversaries who’ve gathered right here. It’s vital to guard in opposition to and reply to their damaging counterattacks as swiftly as potential. Don’t be careless; struggle to the most effective of your skills to flee defeat. To win matches in every world, it’s essential to develop your technique. Victory necessitates a variety of qualities, together with bodily and psychological energy and a excessive degree of coordination.


The sport goals to amass the strongest creatures and take care of them as pets, much like Nexomon or quite a few Pokemon video video games. You have to take care of them and educate them, so they’re ready to struggle hazardous opponents within the Monster League area. Capturing and instructing animals operates equally to different simulations of the pet care sector when it comes to gameplay. To evolve your creatures to a given level, it’s essential to first create meals appropriate for his or her species after which feed them. When the progeny attain reproductive age, they are often bred with people from different species to type a brand new species. This hybrid species’ progeny might inherit any mixture of its dad and mom’ skills, resembling Fireplace and Lightning.

You may management one of many tons of of species in Neo Monsters, every with distinctive statistics and expertise. You’ll obtain one coaching level for every degree your pet advances in your care. Assault, Protection, Well being, and Agility are the 4 character statistics that may be raised individually. In 4v4 situations, you’ll be able to select between solo play and staff battles in opposition to AI or human opponents. In a single epic battle, the utmost variety of distinct creatures might be utilized is sixteen. Flip-based video games encourage you to strategize whereas contemplating your and your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. This sport’s attraction stems from its potential to be performed on-line and offline. There are 200 missions to finish, and they’re a wonderful method to degree up and acquire assets.


  • Monster assortment: Gamers can catch and collect over 1000 distinct creatures, every with their very own powers and attributes.
  • Monster coaching and evolution: Gamers can educate their monsters to enhance their stats and acquire new skills. Some monsters may even develop into extra highly effective types.
  • Breeding: Gamers can create new monsters by merging two current monsters. This enables avid gamers to find new monster varieties and type higher groups.
  • Battle system: Gamers can battle in opposition to different gamers on-line or in opposition to AI opponents in single-player mode. Battles happen in a turn-based system, and gamers can make the most of numerous techniques and plans to beat opponents.
  • Monster lab: Within the monster lab, gamers can analysis and improve their monsters utilizing supplies and assets gathered through the sport.
  • Minigames and occasions: Neo Monsters features a vary of minigames and occasions wherein gamers might earn rewards and entry new content material.
  • Monster habitats: Gamers can create and modify their monsters’ habitats the place they will reside and work together with each other.
  • Multiplayer: Gamers can be a part of or type guilds with different gamers and have interaction in guild battles and different guild-specific occasions.
  • Single-player marketing campaign: Along with multiplayer content material, Neo Monsters accommodates a single-player marketing campaign wherein gamers can undergo a sequence of battles and challenges.


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