Modern Strike Online Modmenu İmmortality; Dumb Enemy

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Oyun Adı: Modern Strike Online
Oyun Sürümü: 1.52.1


Season 17, “Banshees and Furies,” is almost upon us!
– New weapon: A-545, Orsis T-5000, Benelli M3
– Legendary Banshee skin for A-545
– New characters: Nexus, Mirage
– New epic and rare skins
– Battle interface reworked
– New game mode: Cyberwarfare.
– Weapon behavior improved
– Added the ability to interrupt the reloading of pump shotguns
– Added traces of blood on surfaces
– Many more technical fixes and improvements

1. İmmortality
2. Freeze Enemy
3. Hacks + Bypass

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